Benefits of working with us


Between all of the partners in our growing network, we have many decades of expertise in risk and crisis management preparedness, as well as in live crisis and issues management. Each of us has worked on straightforward media scares and on highly complex or emerging issues at local, national and international levels. Our senior consultancy leaders take pride in being hands-on practitioners and, individually, they have an excellent reputation in their own countries and markets as experts in risk and crisis topics.


You can choose to work with one or more of us at any time, without the obligation of having more partners involved than you need. Just get in touch with us directly, using the contact details provided on this website. Select who you would like to work with and the expertise you require - whether it’s for a one-off project or an extended programme. If necessary, we will take care of multi-country integration, while also adapting to the demands of individual local markets.

Market experience

Food & Drink is our “shared diet”: all of our network members have vast experience in this market, stretching back many years and relating to all segments of the supply chain. We also work in many other markets, including various forms of manufacturing, shipping and transport, construction, property, financial services and biosciences, as well as the public sector or non-governmental organisations.

Within the Food & Drink market, our expertise spans:

  • Nutrition, including obesity, diet and lifestyle
  • Food and Agriculture
  • New technology in food
  • Life Sciences / Pharma
  • Retail
  • Packaging
  • Sustainability

Not just “PR people”

We truly understand the world of business – from the demands of the boardroom to the challenges of commercial market dynamics and operational issues. Our strategies and solutions are therefore never merely confined to narrow communications, PR or media fields. We also apply technical, commercial, operational and scientific insights whenever these are valuable and relevant.